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Wooden Playhouse

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Wooden playhouseArea: 2,5m2 | Floors: | Rooms: Wooden prefab playhouse sizes are 2,1m x 1,2m and it is 2m height. The set contains – children playhouse, flowerbox, flag staff, fence and car shed. The wooden prefab playhouse is a favourite of family home owners where the playhouse makes a favourite place for children. Likewise these [...]

Garage with workshop

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Garage with workshopArea: 42m2 | Floors: | Rooms: This is a versatile accessory building that provides shelter for one light automobile with enough space around in the garage to store the accessories the car might have. With an entrance through a small terrace is a room for a workshop or storage. The back of the [...]

Prefab Greenhouse | Wood Arch Greenhouse

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GreenhouseArea: 17m2 | Floors: | Rooms: Standard size - 5.80 x 3 m (5 sections). Ridge height 2, 35 m. Assembling the prefab greenhouse with film takes apporximetly 3 hours. Instructions included. Film not included. Quality film covering is better than policarbonate which sallows over time thereby decreasing the amount of sunlight entering the greenhouse. [...]