A spacious semi-detached house near Reykjavik, Iceland

In the summer of 2022, ZTC completed construction work on a spacious semi-detached house in Iceland, near Reykjavík. The total area of ​​the semi-detached house is 360m2.

The roof of the one-story building was covered with a bitumen deck.  While the fiber cement boards were mixed with larch boards in the facade. The architect of the house, when developing the building project, chose to include many large windows in the building, so that natural light enters the house as much as possible and the residents of the house can enjoy the beautiful expanses of Icelandic nature.

The construction of the semi-detached house was hampered by Iceland’s difficult and unpredictable weather conditions. Obviously shipping the building kit to Iceland was full of challenges. The panels were additionally packed in the factory and sent in packages to protect the house structures from the weather. In order to make the assembly of the building more convenient and faster, the building kit of the house was sent not in sea containers, but in tent trailers by ship from Denmark.

Scope of ZTC work

ZTC performed the design of wooden constructions of the house, manufactured building constructions and elements of the house. ZTC organized transportation to the object. Also ZTC employees assembled the house on the building site.