Apartment House in Belgium

ZTC built a 2.5 storey apartment timber frame house in Anderlues near Charleroi in Belgium in 2015. The prefab building houses 5 apartments – 2 similar apartments on first and second floor each and a bigger apartment in the attic storey. Apartments in this prefab house have 2 bedrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, WC and a utility room.

The perimeter dimensions of the wooden panel house are 12 by 17 metres and total floor surface is 612 square metres. All construction elements of the building adhere to fireproof class EI60.

Scope of ZTC work

In this prefab house project ZTC delivered panels of exterior walls, load bearing interior walls, floors and the roof as well as roofing materials. The client organized the construction of other building elements on site. Façade was plastered and concrete shingles were used for roofing.

See an interactive display of construction elements

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