Apartment house with commercial space Kvartal 18

Apartment house Kvartal 18 with commercial space

A three storey building in the very north of Norway in Sortland a several hour drive past the polar circle. An apartment house with a total area of 1800 square metres. with commercial space on the first floor in the historic centre of Sortland town. The first floor of this building will house a bank branch, the second and third floor of the building are for apartments with spacious terraces. The building is located on a narrow angled corner of a quarter in the town centre, therefore it has a specific configuration.Ventilated facades with painted board and painted slab siding. The facade colour was specified by the municipality head architect.

ZTC worked on this project for less than six months. This building provided valuable experience to ZTC team on the best ways to connect wood constructions to concrete. Therefore the resulting building combines the best technical properties of both wood elements and concrete.

Scope of ZTC work

The building consists of concrete load bearing frame constructions with dividing timber frame constructions.  The construction of the foundation, concrete structures was organized by the buyer as well as wiring, piping and ventilation and interior finishing works. ZTC assembled the exterior and interior walls, the roof, terraces and balconies.


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