Client story: Adding a story to your building

Building a house is a significant investment – for many the biggest of their lifetime. This makes choosing your partner for the project is a very important decision. Such an important choice is not made by following glossy brochures, flashy ads or alluring special offers. Instead people mostly make their decision based on opinions of industry experts and other trusted people.
We share the story of building an extra storey on their building and experience with ZTC of our client – Dzintars Plotkins.


We live in North of Italian alps and have a B&B with 7 rooms and it was time that we thought of bringing the structure into this century. We decided together with our architects that the material what we will use would be wood because wood is an environmentally friendly material and the light weight of wood construction adds less loads on top of the existing building. My wife suggested prefabricated wooden house and after a long period of considerations we decided to proceed with our idea. But there was one issue in our plans – price.

Wood is a very expensive commodity in Europe and the more we looked into it the more I understood that we need to choose the supplier from a country where wood is plentiful, relatively economical but also a very appreciated building material. We started to look at the options of Latvian wood houses and consulted my cousin who used to work in this industry. He suggested working with ZTC.

The experience with ZTC was very professional from the very beginning and I felt that the experience was there to deal with any kind of problems and challenges what we had with our project.

Construction design and construction process was done with a lot of care. Professionalism and experience was there in every step of the way. My project manager Martins was very helpful and understanding also on human level and I would recommend to anybody who wants to build their dream home with quality materials and reasonable price to choose ZTC and their team.

Now when the project is finished we can see the end result and we are all happy that we are living in a carbon neutral and ecological house that we built together with ZTC.