CLT townhouse in Amsterdam

CLT townhouse in Amsterdam

ZTC built a three storey town house in Amsterdam in 2019. The building has a total of 231 m2 of floor space. In addition the building structure consist of CLT and timber stud panels. CLT panels are used to allow higher loads for a possible extension of two additional floors in the future. Since the client and the homeowner is an architect the project has many visually and technically interesting nuances. The street facade is sided with Corten steel sheets and the backyard facade is plastered

Scope of ZTC work

Firstly ZTC developed the construction drawings for the building and produced the technical project for wooden constructions of the prefab wood house. Then produced the construction elements (panels and other elements) and organized delivery of the prefab house construction kit to the building site. The building panels were prefitted with electrical conduits and boxes in the factory to minimize work on site and speed up the construction cycle. Also ZTC ensured installation works on the building site and exterior finishing works. Likewise ZTC workers did roofing works.

Whereas laying of foundation, interior engineering communications (piping, wiring) and interior finishing was organized by the client.

The blower door test results N50 were at 0,93. 

Photographer: Isabel Nabuurs

Architect: Femke van der Voort 

Client: de Campagnewinkel 

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