Ecological private house in Latvia, Ikšķile

In the summer of 2022, ZTC completed the production of a wooden frame for a private house in Ikškile. The total area of ​​the private house is 200m2.

When developing the house project, the client took into account the basic principle of ecological construction, as well as evaluated the solar map at the construction site. It was done to determine the orientation of the building in nature, as well as the necessary roof overhangs. So that the sun stops around Easter, and starts heating the thermal mass of the building around St. Martin.

The building is oriented strictly according to the sky, with the widest facades on the S and W sides. The largest windows are located on the south side so that the sun shines as much as possible in the living room, study room and children’s room during the winter. Bedrooms, kitchen, sanitary and technical rooms are located on the north side. An outbuilding, a sauna and a greenhouse are located on the north and west sides of the building, which protect the residential building from N, NW, W winds, and create a leeward technical or intimate yard.

Process of the works

ZTC was invited as the producer of the load-bearing structures and the roof, in order to apply the roof covering to the wooden frame in the shortest possible time and to protect the wooden structures from the influence of moisture. Thanks to the masters of ZTC, the tasks planned for this year have been completed.

Next year, the installation of windows and doors, insulation of wooden structures, application of clay plaster in the interior decoration, as well as assembly of the external facade are planned.

The advantage of wooden frame houses is the speed of assembling the house on the construction site. House panels are made in a weatherproof factory following production drawings and strict quality control.

The frame of the house arrives in the morning

In the evening, it is already 90% assambled

The housekeepers are very grateful to the ZTC masters for the extensive work! The landlords are also grateful for the recommendations of RBB Meālmeistars and Ekovate.lv specialists during the construction of the building.

Scope of ZTC work

ZTC produced the wooden structures of the house, organized transportation to the object.