Experience expands the possibilities of custom prefab houses

ZTC specializes in custom designed prefab house production and assembly and has accumulated 30 years of experience in the industry. This allows us to find solutions to prefabricate and install challenging houses other manufacturers would shy away from. As great showcases of this are recent projects in the Netherlands. 

A large three storey single family home in Wijdewormer of about 600 m2 of floor area had several design aspects posing challenges to prefabrication in timber frame. The layout featured large open spaces, most notably,  the first floor which is all one open space of 160 m2 with only 4 visible posts. Local contractors did not see a way to build the house in timber frame but the engineering team in ZTC developed solutions with steel beam reinforcement of the structure and use of CLT panels.

Extremely large sliding doors and windows (up to 5.8 m in height) posed challenges that the experienced installation team handled. The flat roof had to be designed for living roof installation. The design also featured hidden gutter downspouts for clean lines in the exterior.

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A three storey town house in Amsterdam of 231 m2 floor space was built with capacity to add two additional storeys in a later phase. CLT panels in combination with conventional timber framed panels were used to provide necessary structural capacity, the aesthetic of exposed mass timber in the interior and optimal costs while using ecological materials. The street facade was finished with Cor-Ten grade corrugated steel sheets. 

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