Extension of Ķekava Secondary School

The Ķekava Secondary School project is a great example of the benefits of prefab wooden buildings.

ZTC designed, produced, supplied and assembled wooden construction elements in the Kekava Secondary School expansion project. A short construction cycle was achieved by organizing the works in parallel. The building was adapted for industrial production at the design stage. The walls and ceilings have been designed to be as large as possible and adjustments have been made to the distribution of the façades so that the elements can be completed to the maximum in the factory.

For instance the production of the elements took place in parallel with the construction of the foundations on the site. Furthermore the modules were installed on site directly from the truck so as not to overload the construction site warehouses and make optimal use of crane time. Also the installation works were successively followed by the interior work team – while ZTC was assembling the third section of the building, meanwhile the interior work was already taking place in the first building.

Scope of ZTC work

ZTC performed the design of wooden constructions of the house, manufactured building constructions and elements of the house, organized transportation to the object. ZTC employees also assembled the house on the building site.