Hotel building extension storey project completed in Italy

In March 2020 ZTC completed a project of an additional storey construction of 210 m2 floor area on top of a hotel building in Auer, Italy.

This is where lightweight wood panels are the best solution because of constraints for loads and short construction time so that it does not interfere with the operation of business beneath.

The building design required custom solutions to accommodate protruding balconies and roof planes with steep pitch made with roof trusses. Therefore there were no two identical roof trusses in the project all along the length of the structure. The structure includes large spans with a roomy 7 by 7 metre living room which necessitates the use of custom made glulam beams. Glulam beams are also visible in roof overhangs.

Ecological solutions are used for all construction elements – walls are insulated with cellulose and clad with wood fibre insulation providing excellent thermal inertia. That is especially important for the warm Italian climate. The project envelope has a vapor control layer instead of vapor barrier so that humidity can pass through the elements without damaging them. The vapor control layer consists of 18 mm OSB boards that are sealed on all planes.  These solutions allow to create a more stable and pleasant microclimate indoors with less help from active HVAC systems.