Infill panels produced and assembled in Latvia

In autumn 2021, ZTC started the production of infill wall panels for a 3-story public building in Latvia. Since the assembly of building was completed in the first quarter of this year.

The combined structure building has a reinforced concrete steel supporting frame. ZTC designed, manufactured, supplied and installed the exterior wall infill panels.

Infill panels are filled with cellulose insulation. The assembly of the panels required high precision, as they are placed between the windows. For instance mostly the infill panels are made without inside finish. But the inside of the infill panels made by ZTC at this project is finished with CLT 60mm, which serves as a decorative finish.  Taking into account that the panels with ready-made internal decoration were already prepared at the ZTC production facility, additional covering work was carried out so that it would not be damaged during assembly.

The panels were produced in parallel with the concreting works. Within about two weeks after the end of the concreting works, the building’s facade panels were already assembled and the customer mounted the windows. Therefore, shortly after the completion of the concreting works, the building had a closed outline with already finished interior decoration. Further the customer will finish the external facade of the building with finishing boards.


Scope of ZTC work

ZTC designed the wooden structures of the house, produced the infill panels of the house and organized the transportation to the object. Also ZTC employees assembled the house at the site.