The building of the interdisciplinary scientific laboratory of the Faculty of Forestry at the Latvia University of Agriculture in Latvia

During the hottest part of the summer, ZTC started the production of panels for the interdisciplinary scientific laboratory building of the Faculty of Forestry of the Latvia University of Agriculture in Jelgava. The total surface area of ​​the produced panels is 1900 m2.

The interdisciplinary laboratory was built of glued solid wood structures. On which the insulated enclosing structures manufactured by ZTC were mounted – wall and roof panels. The panels were produced in non-standard sizes with modularized dimensions. This was done to speed up the loading and unloading. Also 43 cm insulation was used in the roof panels of the building.

The new laboratory with an area of ​​740 m2 will implement a wide range of research activities in the field of wood, wood products and raw materials in the direction of industrial research and science. Undoubtedly the new building will serve as a model. Certainly that the building itself is the best story about the use of forest, wood and related resources.

Scope of ZTC work

Zemgale Technological Center designed and manufactured the facade and roof panels of the house, as well as organized transportation to the site.