ZTC bought the Hundegger SC-3 on its 31st anniversary

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Prefabricated wood panel house advantages

Prefabricated wood panel houses are quickly gaining popularity as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional stick-built homes. These homes are constructed using panels made from wood, which are manufactured in a factory and then transported to the building site for assembly. In this blog, we'll discuss some of the key advantages of prefabricated wood [...]

ZTC bought the Hundegger SC-3 on its 31st anniversary

On August 22, ZTC celebrated its 31st anniversary. During these 31 years, we have done a lot, learned and developed. On our 31st anniversary, we would like to show off the purchased new machine Hundegger SC-3.

ZTC celebrates 30 year anniversary

August 22nd of 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of SIA “ZEMGALES TEHNOLOĢISKAIS CENTRS”. 

Experience expands the possibilities of custom prefab houses

Specialization in custom designed prefab houses and 30 years of experience allow ZTC to expand the possibilities of prefabricated homes.

Building sustainability beyond energy efficiency

It’s time to start judging building sustainability by looking at the whole building life cycle not just energy efficiency during it’s use. See how timber frame buildings stack up in a life cycle assessment and what can be done to build as sustainably as possible.

What prefab exterior wall panels consist of and how it matters?

We share insights on what makes a good exterior wall panel and what choices and tradeoffs a client might face when making choices on price and performance. 

Client story: Adding a story to your building

We share the story of building an extra storey on their building and experience with ZTC of our client.

What is a blower door test?

A blower door test may be required by building regulation for new buildings or renovation and it is a valuable tool to find air leakage problems for a timely fix.

Head of ZTC awarded Decoration of Honor of Jelgava City

On the anniversary of the founding of Latvia on 18th November 2020 Head of Zemgales tehnoloģiskais centrs Māris Avotiņš was awarded the highest award of Jelgava City Council – the Decoration of Honour.

First apartment house assembled in project near Lillestrøm

First apartment house has been installed in a project near Lillestrøm, Norway where ZTC is the supplier of four prefabricated buildings for Funksjonell AS.

What you should know about prefab panel house delivery?

Learn about how prefab house delivery to building site is planned, what the buyer should consider and most common mistakes to avoid.

Blower door test reveals quality of work in Ljustero project

Upon completion of the third stage of a development project in Ljustero, Sweden blower door tests showed results that meet the requirement of the Passive House standard. 

House Extension in Oslo Finished

In September 2020 ZTC completed works on a 150 m2 floor area 2,5 storey house extension in Oslo, Norway with a classic board-on-board siding.

Making sense of prefab construction – panelized or modular

We give you a brief overview of the differences between types of construction commonly referred to as “prefabricated”, “modular”, “panelized” or “kit homes” and how that matters.

Four lot development project on Ljusterö Island, Sweden

ZTC is the supplier and installer of prefab wood buildings in a development project on Ljusterö Island, Sweden consisting of 20 structures on four with a total gross area of 1320 m2.

Prefab house price offer comparison – avoid common mistakes!

A common topic with potential clients is comparing quotes of alternative suppliers with our offering. This article gives you advice how to better understand and compare prefab house price quotes and avoid common mistakes.

School extension project demonstrates the advantages of wooden panel construction

Ķekava High School project is an excellent example of the advantages of wooden panel construction.

If there’s nowhere to build – build up! Building extensions

Wood panel construction is a great opportunity to improve and develop existing buildings where other development possibilities are scarce. Building extensions upwards could be a gamechanger in the years to come!

Happy Easter!

People of ZTC wih you a happy Easter celebration!

Hotel building extension storey project completed in Italy

In March 2020 ZTC completed a project of an additional sorey construction of 210 m2 floor area on top of a hotel building in Auer, Italy.

Infill panels delivered for project in Falkenberg

ZTC has started deliveries of infill panels for an apartment house project in Falkenberg, Sweden in February 2020.

Skiing cabin in central Norway finished

ZTC finished works on a prefab skiing cabin of 110 m2 floor area in a skiing resort in central Norway in February 2020.

ZTC receives social responsibility award

ZTC received an award in nomination “Socially responsible company” in Jelgava City Annual Business Award 2019.

Works finished on vacation house in France

In November 2019 ZTC finished works on a 3 storey vacation house project in a ski resort in France near Geneva. The custom design vacation house is 135 m2 of floor area on first and second floors.

Works on apartment house near Lugano finished

In December 2019 ZTC finished works on a 3 storey apartment house project  with 360 m2 of floor area 40 km outside Lugano, Switzerland.

Building in timber frame and CLT helps reduce emissions

Timber structures would allow us to draw carbon from the air and store it in our homes and offices – leading some to believe that wooden buildings are the future of architecture.

Kit homes project complete in Oslo

ZTC has finished production of constructively complicated but architecturally very attractive two-storey residential building with a building area of ​​130 m2. The production and construction of this home would be a challenge for any specialist in the industry.

Private house in Gotland, Sweden

ZTC has completed its work for a private house in Gotland, Sweden. The building is located on a picturesque, quiet peninsula with magnificent sea view. To fully enjoy the landscape, the 250 m2 house has spacious terraces with a total area of ​​100m2 and a spacious glazed veranda. Therefore, the building has high architectural requirements and complex structures.

The Most Friendly Company to its employees in Jelgava county in 2019

In mid-May, ZTC received the company’s heart-warming award – The Most Friendly Company to its employees. This award was confer on the “Jelgava County Entrepreneurs’ Annual Award” competition.

ZTC received awards at Latvian Association of Civil Engineers Competition

ZTC received “diamond” at Latvian Association of Civil Engineers Competition “The Best Building in Latvia 2018”. Also Māris Avotiņš, member of the board of ZTC, has received an award as “The Best mentor of the Year 2018” at the Latvian Construction Engineers congress.

Twin house project complete near Gardermoen

ZTC has finished work on a two story twin house project near Gardermoen, Norway. ZTC developed construction drawings, produced house elements and installed them without additional carpentry and roofing works on site for the 300 m2 house.

Exhibition Māja I 2019

From 14 to 17 March in the exhibition Māja I 2019 ZTC will present in an interactive demonstration the new production technology that lets us provide wood prefab houses made of construction panels that stabilize indoor air humidity and temperature for a pleasant microclimate.

Energy efficient private house in Sweden

ZTC is currently assembling a two-storey private house with a living area of 250m2 in Örebro, Sweden. Private house has increased energy efficiency requirements.

Prefabricated wooden house combined with CLT in The Netherlands

ZTC has completed a project in the Netherlands, Amsterdam- has built a prefabricated wooden house, combined with CLT. The building has CLT interior walls, separating walls, and a ceiling. The outer walls of the house are built in the wood panels.

ZTC 2nd place in „Latvian Construction Year Award 2018

On March 7, the winners of the competition „Latvian Construction Year Award 2018”were awarded.  ZTC submitted project to the competition – a multifunctional building in Nack, Sweden won the high 2nd place.

Merry Christmas!

ZTC team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. May The joy of the season fill your heart with with the goodwill and cheer!

Good blower door test results for CLT prefab house

Wood panel house that is combained with CLT built by ZTC in the Netherlands was tested with blower door test in mid November. The building has met the demands of the municipality of Amsterdam and the indicators meet the status of an energy efficient building. We are satisfied with the result N50 = 0,93.

The project MORE-CONNECT is on the finish line

The project MORE-CONNECT implemented by RTU after the Horizon 2020 program, where ZTC also participated, is coming to an end. The project’s goal has been achieved and we are pleased to be able to use our experience and knowledge to improve the insulation of residential buildings and improve their indoor climate.

ZTC finished prefab houses in Sweden

Since 2017 ZTC production plant has been producing three storey apartment houses for a site in Åre, Sweden. Three of seven prefab houses were assembled in 2017 and other four was finished this year.

Quality of ZTC wood houses approved with ETA

In May 2018 ZTC received the European Technical Assessment for the wood houses produced by the company. ETA certification proves the competency of ZTC to produce houses compliant with European requirements and proper use of materials in the product. Hence ZTC can now issue Declaration of Performance and affix the CE marking to its products.

Introducing Korean mission to possibilities of CLT

Member of board of ZTC and company Cross Timber Systems Māris Avotiņš introduced the ambassador Seong-Jin HAN with the production of CLT elements and possibilities of application.

Optimal indoor air humidity is important for health

Ecological house built with “breathing” envelope structures act as a buffer between differing air humidity levels inside and outside. Living in optimal relative humidity can improve health, comfort, productivity nad sleep quality.

Prefab wooden house in Gardermoen

ZTC has signed a contract to build a prefab wooden house in Gardermoen, Norway. The two storey twin house will have two apartments of 100 m2 floor space and a terrace of 14 m2 each.

ZTC wood prefab houses at Māja I 2018

From 8 to 11 March in the exhibition Māja I 2018 ZTC will present in an interactive demonstration the new production technology that lets us provide wood prefab houses made of construction panels that stabilize indoor air humidity and temperature for a pleasant microclimate.

Achieving Best Value From Wooden Panel Houses

To understand how wooden panel houses are the best value you have to look deeper than just a comparison of material costs. Fast, lightweight and precise construction has beneficial implications on cost beyond the material.

Assembling of restaurant building in Nacka

Works are in full swing in Nacka, Sweden where we are building a restaurant and three houses in a new living quarter being built on the shore where customs area used to be.

Production of restaurant and three houses for Sweden begins

ZTC has signed a contract to design, produce and assemble a restaurant and three residential houses in the suburb of Stockholm in Nacka, Sweden. Production of the construction elements of these houses started in January 2018.

Why a town in Norway turned blue and how ZTC helped?

Why Sortland, a town in an archipelago in northern Norway became known for being distinctively blue? We were part of it -one of the towns landmark buildings was built together with us – ZTC.

Factory expansion completed

Zemgale Technological Centre has invested significantly this year into improving production of its prefab houses.

ZTC switches to ecological insulation with newest system

From November Zemgale Technological Centre has changed the production process to using an industrial insulation system, so that panels are packed with cellulose or wood fibre wool with the highest quality.

Insulated CLT panels for a hotel in Arlanda

ZTC workers produced insulated cross laminated timber – CLT panels for a hotel building in Arlanda, Sweden in cooperation with CTS.

6 tips on choosing the best house design for you

So many questions and so many choices. Make choosing the right house design for you easier with these 6 simple steps.

ZTC at Forum – Wood Building Nordic in Trondheim

From Thursday 28th September to Friday 29th September 2017 ZTC is exhibiting at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, Brattørkaia 1, Trondheim, Norway.

ZTC input in training material development

After more than two years of active work on modular retrofitting process development MORE-CONNECT partners, including SIA “Zemgales tehnoloģiskais centrs” (ZTC), have prepared learning modules for engineers, craftsmen, architects etc.

ZTC factory extension is roofed

On Friday 4 August 2017 construction works of an additional prefab house factory facility. Assembling works of the factory extension are done by SIA „Steel Constructor MM”.

Timber frame houses Latvia factory to expand

On Wednesday 21st June 2017 construction of an additional prefab house factory facility was begun with a symbolic laying of a time capsule in the foundation by ZTC – a producer of prefab timber frame houses.

Prefab apartment houses in Are, Sweden

Since May 2017 ZTC production plant has been producing three storey apartment houses for a site in Åre, Sweden. The first of these apartment houses will be assembled in early July and three of seven houses will be completed in the current construction season.

Wood kindergarten finished near Malmo

ZTC has completed works on a kindergarten which is located in Skabersjö near Malmo, Sweden. The project was a 1,5 storey 196 m2 wooden panel building.

Holiday house completed near Lillehammer

ZTC built a holiday house in Norway from December 2016 to March 2017. The 105 swuare meter house is loceted in the mountain retreat of Svingvoll near Lillehammer in the depths of the gorgeous mountainous, spruce forest lined part of Norway.

ZTC awarded for a kindergarten in Sweden

On March 6 in Riga ZTC was awarded 2nd place in the nomination New Public Building at the Latvian Construction Industry Annual Award 2016 for the construction of a kindergarten in Sweden in the village of Bro, near Stockholm.

Check out ZTC at “Māja I” 2017 exhibition

On 9-12 March ZTC will be participating in “Māja I” 2017 exhibition and presenting visitors with our experience in design, manufacture and construction of high quality and modern design timber houses and the latest offer.

Private house with elegance near Oslo

In February 2017 ZTC finished works on a private house that was produced in ZTC factory and assembled by ZTC near Oslo in Nesodden, Norway. The two-storey house is about 300m2 large and is built in the peninsula with views of the city of Oslo and the Oslo Opera House.

Merry Christmas!

ZTC team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Vacation house finished in Rhone Alps

The holiday house was built in 2016 by a skiing resort in Rhone Alps, France. The one-and-a-half storey house has a liveable area of 155 square metres and four bedrooms. ZTC provided the house with a decimal guarantee as the legislation in France requires.

Energy efficient houses in Denmark

ZTC employees have completed work on private homes in Denmark. The ZTC produced wood frame house without windows and roof covering was built by ZTC workers. The customer is satisfied with ZTC work and assembled house.

Vacation house in Tjøme, Norway

ZTC finished works on vacation house in Norway in September 2016. Assembly works started on the second half of August. The one-storey holiday house has 100 m2 of floor area.

ZTC 25

Ltd „Zemgales tehnoloģiskais centrs” celebrated 25 year anniversary on 22th of August.In a quarter of a century the company has been able to diversify offer range – from log houses, dog huts, prefabricated individual houses up to multi-story apartment houses.

Denmark, Vejle

In late August ZTC started to produce a wide range design houses in Denmark. Approximately 200 m2 large residential house will be in 3 levels to adapt the relief of building place.

Kindergarten in near Stockholm

In the middle of May ZTC started kindergarten assembly near Stockholm. At the moment, ZTC workers are building approximately 1000 m2 large building.

Prefab camping houses for Sweden

ZTC team has worked hard on a project in Sweden from March 2016 to complete 38 camping apartments near Stockholm. In this project ZTC delivers a complete construction kit, that is – includeing furniture, sanitary equipment, etc.

Residential and commercial building finished

On early December of 2014 ZTC finished works on a three storey building in the very north of Norway in Sortland. ZTC worked on this project for less than six months.

  • Completed private house with film-free solutions in Latvia (+reference)
  • The building of the interdisciplinary scientific laboratory of the Faculty of Forestry at the Latvia University of Agriculture in Latvia