ZTC to start assembling 7 prefab apartment houses in July

Since May 2017 ZTC production plant has been producing three storey apartment houses for a site in Åre, Sweden. The first of these prefab apartment houses in Sweden will be assembled in early July and three of seven wood panel buildings will be completed in the current construction season.

Each apartment house has 5 apartments with the total living space of about 500 m2. The first storey exterior walls will be laid in bricks but 2 and 3 storey exterior walls will be ZTC made of wooden panels.

Scope of ZTC work

ZTC carries out production designing, production, organizes transport of production. On site ZTC assembles the prefab apartment houses in Sweden, hermetically seals them, installs facade siding and roofing. The facades of the apartment houses in Sweden will have board on board siding in a Swedish traditionally black paint. The façade boards are of extended width (200 mm). The prefab houses in Sweden will have wooden windows with aluminium cladding. Flat tiles will be used for roofing supplied by the client and installed by ZTC. Terraces and other decorative wooden elements will be oiled.

The walls of prefab apartment houses in Sweden are fitted with wiring tubes in the factory and interior is already sided with drywall. Interior finishing is organized by the client.


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