Prefab house assembling

For the convenience of our clients we offer a wide variety of wood panel house building sets. This includes the delivery and assembling of buildings prefabricated by ZTC and assembling of other CLT structures. If required by the client our company can ensure finishing works and services, and can contract professional (and if required – licensed) partners to install utility connections.

When the panels of the wood panel house are manufactured, they are loaded on trucks according to a pre-planned transport/loading plan. The loading plan is drafted according to the sequence of assembly of the building so that elements arrive truck by truck just when they are needed.

Prefab house assembling work is done by ZTC employees who are specialists in their field and true professionals, thereby ensuring that the building is assembled precisely as provided in the project.

Thanks to modern and efficient construction technology wood panel houses can be assembled in a very short time. During assembling it takes 20 minutes to set a panel into its place. Together with finishing works a single house usually requires one to three months of work on-site, depending on the scope of works. Industrial prefabrication allows to manufacture the panels simultaneously while the foundation is being laid and assembling it in a short time.

When the building is assembled, finishing works commence: the roofing is laid, the facade is finished, internal utilities are installed, heating, final interior finishing and other works are done according to the scope agreed with the customer.

Prefab house assembling technology developed by ZTC allows the works to be carried out on a comparatively compact building site because the building can be assembled by offloading the panels directly from the transport that delivers the finished panels from the factory. This way stockpiling the materials on the building site can be avoided which is advantageous in confined areas such as the city centre.

In case of a larger project with multiple dwellings, we can also carry out the interior works. Have a look at fully furnished camping houses we delivered.

Our engineers will design the optimal building elements for your needs

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Live in harmony with nature

Our wooden panel houses are environmentally friendly because they combine quality natural materials with the latest technological advances in construction. True wooden houses achieve an optimal balance between thermal insulation and “breathability” which is beneficial to the health of residents of the building. By using an industrial insulation system we can prefabricate panels with environmentally friendly cellulose and wood fibre insulation with superior quality compared to conventional methods.