Prefab house kit for project near Nijmegen

Client reference

Prefab house kit for project near Nijmegen

ZTC delivered a wooden prefab panel house kit for a project in the Netherlands near the ancient town of Nijmegen. The client has built the first of two planned buildings. The kit house was 80 m2 floor area which took the client two and a half days for four people to install.
The project partially replicated a historical building that was demolished on the site. To fulfill the requirements of the municipality on the looks of the historical building and clients needs two types of windows were used in the building. Part of the windows have standard pine wood frames but others have oak wood frames. The house has an open plan roof height living room with exposed massive timber glulam beams.
Panels were industrially filled with cellulose thermal insulation to ensure a stable environment inside throughout the day because of higher thermal inertia of the material.

Scope of ZTC work

ZTC prepared the production and assembling drawings for wooden constructions, produced the construction elements (panels with windows already fitted in the factory and other elements) and delivered the building kit.