ZTC have finished 7 apartment prefab houses in Sweden

Since 2017 ZTC production plant has been producing three storey apartment houses for a site in Åre, Sweden. Three of seven prefab houses were assembled in 2017 and other four was finished this year.

Apartment houses have 5 apartments. Each apartment is approximately 100 m2 large and the total living space is about 500 m2. The first storey exterior walls were laid in bricks but 2 and 3 storey exterior walls were ZTC made of wooden panels.

Scope of ZTC prefab houses work

ZTC carried out production designing, production, organized transport of production. On site ZTC assembled the prefab houses in Sweden, hermetically sealed them, installed facade siding and roofing.

Prefab houses that were constructed this year were built straight from the trucks due to the restricted building place and limited storing place. This means that ZTC worked with strict construction schedule. Apartment houses that were built in 2018 are located aside the hillside. Therefore the terraces and balconies vary with the location and development form previous apartment houses.

Two of four this year finished apartment houses were already lunched exploitation. ZTC wish the owners a pleasant living!

ZTC to start assembling 7 prefab apartment houses in July

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