Today the leading construction companies are working ever harder to create as ecological living space as possible for people and so use of more ecological, natural building materials in construction is rising. Wood is one of the few materials whose extensive use in construction makes the dwelling not only safer for the inhabitants of the house but has a positive impact on the ecosystem of our planet globally. Comfortable living space, environmental considerations and availability of the material are reasons why people choose to build timber houses.

Building prefabricated wood houses in a panelized system brings the advantages of speed and effectiveness to construction of wood houses. The speed of prefabrication and efficient assembling ensure a shorter building phase leading to a higher return on investment. The lightness of wood elements compared to other construction materials means less demands for the foundation and easier movement of elements. Prefabrication in a controlled factory environment in a standardized way provides a quality advantage.

There are no limits to construction from wood – from cozy homes for our pets to bath houses, cottages, smaller and larger dwellings and public buildings as well. With the spread of knowledge of use of glued wood massive construction materials world records for highest wood building are being set every year! The compact packaging of panels is the best balance of prefabrication and transport costs to make a prefabricated wood house competitive across the continent.

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Prefab house assembling koka mājas

In prefabricated wood houses panels have a load bearing  timber frame or a CLT panel. Structural elements or panels (walls, floors, roof structures) are assembled in the production plant from timber. Timber frame panels are sided with isolating sheets and filled with insulation material. We work with ecological insulation materials – cellulose and wood fibre wool. Windows and doors and electrical conduits are fitted into the panels at the production plant.

Partial or complete siding of the facade is added at the plant. There are various options for the siding such as wood siding with vertical or horizontal boards, brick siding, decorative plaster, plastic planks siding.

House construction plan is developed in SEMA software which allows the client to view a 3D visualization of the building before advancing to production.

Building prefabricated wood houses from panels means that most of the work (production of house elements: walls, floors, and large roof elements) is carried out with a precise plan in a production plant in a controlled environment. The production of the most important elements of a house are not influenced by rain, snow and frost therefore antiseptics are not required and panel hoses are more ecological than a house of any other construction type.

The production plant uses equipment from Sweden to ensure high quality and precision. We choose only high quality raw materials with a valid EU quality certificate.

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Assembling is carried out by employees of ZTC who are highly professional so that the house is assembled exactly according to the plan to ensure maximum quality.

We offer full service of timber frame panel house building sets for customers’ convenience. This includes the delivery and assembly of the houses produced by ZTC. If necessary, we  can ensure  any type of finishing and services. Utility connection construction is ensured by partnering with professional and, if necessary, licensed partners.

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Live in harmony with nature

Panelized wood houses are environmentally friendly because they effectively combine quality natural materials with the latest scientific advances in construction. Construction technology has achieved the optimal balance between thermal insulation and breathability which is beneficial to the health of residents of the building.