Prefab house projects

People have lived their lives closely connected to nature and wood for thousands of years and it has always been well known that wood is a source of strength and balance. It also makes for a dignified building material which allows any living space to breath air and positive emotions. Timber frame houses are as long lasting and durable, and in some cases even more so, than houses built from brick or concrete.

The wealthy experience and knowledge lets us ensure an individual approach to each costumer and project. We offer not only an extensive catalogue of model designs but also provide a service to develop an individual project according to the specific needs and wishes of the client. We partner with architect/ design bureaus with a proven track record for the design of projects who ensure that the documentation of the house project matches the requirements of the client, the construction standards and standards of production and assembly of timber frame panel houses.

Since ZTC offers to change the house plan, the specified project area are informative.

Project name

Area m2

Number of floors

Number of rooms

  • Area: 100 m2
  • Floors: 1
  • Rooms:

Build yourself

We offer prefabricated timber frame wall panels of standard sizes: Length L=2,4m and height H=2,5m and 3 options of thickness – 105, 155, 205 mm.


We offer panels with created door openings and three kinds of window openings as well as separate jack studs for decreased window opening size and we can produce custom panels. The offered wood panels consist of wood frame and OSB 10mm from one side. To ensure the structural integrity of the building the upper perimeter is reinforced with a mounting crown. The panels are easily transported and do not require a crane for the assembly. The heaviest panel weighs 97 kg or about 210 lbs. You can create your own building by choosing the most suitable panel models.

The thickness of the walls depends on:

–  The thickness of chosen thermal insulation;

–  The load bearing on the wall.

Recommended wall thickness in residental buildings:

Recommended thickness of insulation for exterior walls is 200mm. That means panels of 155 mm thickness should be used and 50mm of insulation is added during construction. Or panels of 205mm thickness should be used.

Recommended thickness for interior walls is 105mm, except in cases when ceiling beams are bearing on it. In this case panels of 155mm thickness should be used.

Other buildings:

Depending on the function of the wall and weight bearing down on it, wall thickness can be from 105 to 205mm. In this case please consult construction specialists if in doubt.

You can calculate the cost of panels using this spreadsheet. You can request a price offer for ring beam, extra studs and laths you will need to complete the building.

Recommended panel make up can be seen here (Build it Yourself panels have OSB instead of wind gypsum board as pictured).



                                  Residental building ground floor                                                                                                              Panel arrangement plan

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