Quality of ZTC wood houses approved with ETA

In May 2018 ZTC received the European Technical Assessment for the wood houses produced by the company. ETA certification proves the competency of ZTC to produce houses compliant with European requirements. Also proper use of materials in the product. Hence ZTC can now issue Declaration of Performance and affix the CE marking to its products.

Member of board of ZTC Māris Avotiņš comments, “ETA approves the competency of ZTC to design and produce houses according to standards of all European countries. The assessment tested whether all materials in a house designed and produced by ZTC are used according to their proper use in the according system. Therefore ETA and CE marking of a house give the client the confidence that his purchased house complies with all standards. Cleraly the he will get a quality house. That is important because without the necessary knowledge one can make a bad product even when the best materials are used.”

Furthermore the first two wooden panel house manufacturers have received ETA in 2018. Certification process which started in 2013 was carried out with BM TRADA Latvia. There are less than ten wood panel producers in the Baltics who have received ETA.

The European Technical Assessment (ETA) is an alternative for construction products not covered by a harmonised standard. It is a document providing information on their performance assessment. The procedure is established in the Construction Products Regulation. It offers a way for manufacturers to draw up the Declaration of Performance and affix the CE marking.


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