Waterfront restaurant and three houses in Nacka

Restaurant and three houses in Nacka waterfront development

A restaurant and three residential houses in the suburb of Stockholm in Nacka on the waterfront of the area of customs which is redeveloped into a residential area. The total indoor area of the two storey restaurant is 540 m2. Each of the three family houses is of 150 m2 of indoor area. The project had a compact timeframe with contract signed and designing starting in December, production starting in January, on site work beginning in February and works finished by June. Additional challenges were due to very little space on the construction. It highly restricted offloading and crane operations. But ZTC dealt with the circumstances to finish the project on time and in quality.

These buildings are made with the new technology of cellulose insulation packing into the panels that has the advantages of highest quality and fast production. It is especially of essence in this project because of its short timeframe.

Scope of ZTC work

Firstly ZTC prepared production drawings and produced house elements and organized shipment to the construction site. Following ZTC workers assembled the buildings on the foundation prepared by the customer – general contractor. Finally outside finishing and roofing works are done by ZTC on the construction site.

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