Rösjöbaden Camping Houses

Rösjöbaden Camping Houses Project

Camping houses project that makes up 38 apartments near Stockholm, Sweden. ZTC delivered 3 types of houses – twin houses, three apartment row and 5 apartment row houses. One-and-a-half storey camping houses project with a total floor area of 42 square meters. First floor is 25 m2 and an attic storey is 17 m2. Furthermore the houses were built for Rösjöbadens Camping just 16 km from the centre of Stockholm, offering self-catering cottages and guest rooms.


Scope of ZTC work

Firstly, ZTC provided delivered technical drawings. Secondly, we prefabricated the house elements, organized transportation, assembled the buildings. Finally, ZTC did complete external finishing, interior finishing and delivered and installed furniture.

Production of the houses in ZTC production factory was started in March 2016. In this project ZTC delivers a complete construction kit, that is – includeing interior finishing, furniture, sanitary equipment, etc. ZTC workers also assembled the furniture and electrical equipment on site. The project was completed in the end of October 2016.