School extension project demonstrates the advantages of wooden panel construction

Ķekava High School project is an excellent example of the advantages of wooden panel construction. 

ZTC designs, produces, delivers and assembles wooden construction elements for the extension project of Ķekava High School. The project highlights advantages of prefabricated wooden panel construction. The opportunities of parallel workflows significantly shorten the construction and overall project cycle to meet the deadline – ground works began in February and the building is to be completely finished by September.

Project execution

Adapting the building design for prefabrication in the designing stage was key to achieve this. Wall and ceiling panels were designed with maximum dimensions and facade partitions were adjusted so that panels could be produced already with vertical siding boards on the facade. Panels were fitted with wiring conduits in the factory to save labour and time on site.

Panels were produced while the foundation was being built on site. Panels were installed straight from delivery trucks to save limited storage space on site and efficiently utilize the crane. Finishing works follow installation in a sequence – while ZTC installs the third section of the building the finishing team works on the first section. 

Despite restrictions related to COVID-19 outbreak, the contractor plans to finish the building within the deadline – September of this year.