The Most Friendly Company to its employees in Jelgava county in 2019

In mid-May, ZTC received the company’s heart-warming award – The most friendly company to its employees. This award was confer on the “Jelgava County Entrepreneurs’ Annual Award” competition. We are very pleased that ZTC has been nominated for this award. We also appreciate the gratitude of Jelgava County Council comittee.

But most of all thanks to our employees, because motivated employees are focused and providing quality products and services.

ZTC CEO Maris Avotins considers his team, which currently has 30 employees, to be of great value.  Digital solutions, drawings, calculations, new technologies – all of which requires the employee’s interest in learning a lot. The noticable manful team has monthly bowling nights that have become exciting tournaments. There are also common activities around the summer and winter solstice, so that employees feel united in achieving the company’s common goals.

About the contest

For eight years, the Jelgava Municipality has been organizing a competition „Jelgava County Entrepreneurs’ Annual Award”, thus getting to know the best of the best and telling about them more.  So that more and more public will discover the variety of products and services created in the county. The competition is an excellent example of how a list of innovation, stable values, and development, which can inspire others to dare, realize their business ambitions, no matter how unrealistic they seem to be in binning.

Furthermore about the results of the competition here