ZTC to expand prefab house factory

On Wednesday 21st June 2017 construction works of an additional prefab house factory facility began with a symbolic laying of a time capsule in the foundation.

The new factory extension will have modern equipment. Therefore ZTC will improve packaging of produced construction elements, storage of production and materials and allow the factory to develop new product capability. The 1050 m2 factory extension is to be finished by September 2017.

‘The construction industry in our target markets in Europe is projected to experience stable growth in the following years therefore now is good time to invest into capabilities to expand ouir production capabilities. I am glad that the construction of the factory extension has moved forward quickly. We plan to use the new facilities in production by the end of summer,’ reveals ZTC Member of board Māris Avotiņš.

About ZTC

The main business of ZTC is designing, production and building prefab timber frame houses Latvia of various types – public buildings (such as kindergartens), private houses and apartment houses (up to 3 storeys tall). ZTC exports production to Western Europe, Scandinavia and builds houses in Latvia as well.

Prefab timber frame houses Latvia

Timber frame panel houses consist of a timber frame that bears the load. Our qualified workers assemble elements of the structure or panels (walls, floors, roof structures) in the production plant from timber. Then specialists side the panels with isolating sheets and filled with insulation material. There is a variety of insulation materials available like rock-wool, eco-wool etc. Afterwards factory workers fit windows and doors into the panels at the production plant.

Partial or complete siding of the facade is added at the plant. There are various options for the siding such as wood siding with vertical or horizontal boards, brick siding, decorative plaster, plastic planks siding.

Prefab timber frame houses Latvia consist of panels with a load bearing timber frame. Factory workers assemble building elements such as wall, floor or roof panels from wood materials. Afterwards workers side panels with dividing slabs and fill them with thermal insulation. Various insulation materials such as wood fibre wool, ecowool, rockwool or others can be used. Panels are fitted with doors and windows at the factory.

A construction team on the site finishes the building with facade and internal finishing – partial or complete. There are various options for facade finishing – vertical or horizontal board siding, stone/brick veneer, decorative plaster, vinyl boards etc.

Find out more about the production process at ZTC