ZTC factory extension is roofed

On Friday 4 August 2017 the roof was finished of an additional ZTC prefab house factory facility under construction. The moment when a building’s roof rafters are mounted is traditionally celebrated in Latvia as “spāru svētki”. Moreover it is traditionally a milestone in the construction process. Assembling works of the factory extension are done by SIA „Steel Constructor MM”. The company has performed work precisely and according to the time schedule.

The new factory extension will have modern equipment. Therefore ZTC will improve packaging of produced construction elements, storage of production and materials and allow the factory to develop new product capability. However the construction of this 1050 m2 factory extension will finish by September 2017.

About ZTC

The main business of ZTC is designing, production and building prefab timber frame houses of various types – public buildings (such as kindergartens), private houses and apartment houses (up to 3 storeys tall). ZTC exports production to Western Europe, Scandinavia and builds houses in Latvia as well.

Laying of the cornerstone of factory extension

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