ZTC has finished production of constructively complicated but architecturally very attractive two-storey residential building with a building area of ​​130 m2. Certainly the production and construction of this kit homes would be a challenge for any specialist in the industry.

The building is constructed with a split gabled roof at both ends of the building. Furthermore it gives a surreal impression shape of the building. There is a huge glazed facade system concealed beneath the chamfered roof, which adds an extra burden to the structure and geometric stability of the building. Also design elements of the building include the terrace and balcony of the building.

The construction of the building is a combination of various load-bearing materials. It has wooden frame, glued constructions and metal constructions, and the roof is based on four glued trimmers. Cellulose was used for thermal insulation of the building’s enclosing structures, which was industrially laid in the factory of ZTC.

Building place for this kit homes is located in the Oslo region on a peninsula. It is characterized by private houses with a magnificent view of the Gulf of Oslo.

karkasa mājas

Kit homes Scandinavia

Scope of ZTC work on the kit homes

ZTC has delivered to client kit home. Firstly ZTC carried out the design and secondly the production of the home without windows and finishing work.

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