Four lot development project on Ljusterö Island, Sweden

Zemgales tehnoloģiskais centrs (ZTC) is the supplier and installer of prefab wood buildings in a development project on Ljusterö Island, Sweden consisting of 20 structures on four with a total gross area of 1320 m2. 

ZTC prepares production and assembling drawings, produces the building elements and supplies the building kit with delivery to the site and provides installing and roofing works in situ. Three months after the signing of the contract ZTC has installed buildings on one of the four lots with plans to complete works on 3 of the four lots within 6 months of signing the contract. Works on the fourth lot are planned for spring 2021 as per request of the client. 

Quality, speed and flexibility

ZTC is committed to not only provide project completion in a short time frame but also have shown flexibility in this project. When foundation works took longer than scheduled ZTC had the facilities to store the produced elements inside the warehouse so that such problems would not affect the quality of the building.